Meet your goals through subscription.

With Kodi Tech, you can offer your items by subscription

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A small yet big change for your business

What is a subscription?

By introducing a subscription into your business, you will be able to enjoy many new benefits that this technology can offer you. The scheme of operation is simple:

1. New offer for your customers

You let your customers know that they can subscribe to (lease) your items. That way, they won’t have to buy them any more.

2. Kodi Tech buys the item from you

If a customer places a lease order with you, Kodi Tech immediately purchases the item from you.

3. Kodi Tech leases the item to your customer

The product is delivered to the customer and Kodi Tech takes care of the customer’s needs throughout the contract period.

4. End of the lease term

Depending on the customer’s decision, we can propose:
1. Subscription period extension
2. Replacement of the product with a new one
3. Product buyout

New offer for your customers
Kodi Tech buys the item from you
Kodi Tech leases the item to your customer
End of the lease term

Expanding your offer

With Kodi Tech, your offering becomes more accessible. You offer the customer an additional way to purchase products.

The technology of tomorrow

By subscribing, we extend the use cycle of the item, thus reducing the amount of waste in our environment. Our solutions are modern and green.

Earn more!

You can earn more out of your subscription by adding many additional fees such as service, warranty, and insurance. Everything is included in a single lease amount; the customer can comfortably use the item without worrying about additional charges.

Kodi Tech provides their service in Switzerland by cooperating with authorized partner Partners Beyond, which is a consulting firm that provides services to foreign businesses interested in entering the Swiss Market.

Be green

Protect the environment together

Protect the environment together with the subscription technology—we extend the life cycle of an item by up to several times. We throw away 300 million tons of electronic scrap every year. This number is growing
ever rapidly. Take advantage of our solutions and let’s change the planet together!

Case study

Below you can find examples where our offer perfectly matched the customer’s needs.

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7 January 2022

DOT Global

DOT Global Cooperation with DOT Global from beauty sector – case study Kodi-Tech prepared a special solution of rental options for the end-customers of the DOT Global online store, cosmetics,…
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7 January 2022

Vending machines

Vending machines Vending machines in innovative Pay per Use model In cooperation with DELCO, supplier of vending machines (snacks and drinks), we introduced a pay-per-use subscription model. Now, instead of…

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