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Cooperation with DOT Global from beauty sector – case study

Kodi-Tech prepared a special solution of rental options for the end-customers of the DOT Global online store, cosmetics, and beauty salon equipment distributor, and successfully launched a technical integration in less than 24 hours.

Thanks to the simple and easy-to-implement Kodi-Tech IT solution, DOT Global can offer all products available on the website in the rental option. After adding a special code to the store website, each product page has a “Long-term rental” button, which directs a customer to the dedicated rental form. The customer must enter basic data to receive the contract via e-mail, accept it and pay the deposit. The product is then delivered directly to the customer while Kodi-Tech buys the device from DOT Global.

Among many benefits, DOT Global has widened their client base by addressing their offer to the customers who would not be able to afford the purchase in a standard option. Additionally, DOT Global receives the whole product price directly from Kodi-Tech with no hidden risks and makes extra profit on the equipment service. On top of that, adding the Kodi-Tech rental solution on the website is entirely free of charge!

For customers that appreciate flexibility, it’s a complete game-changer as they pay only when they use the product. That’s what we consider a win-win situation 

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