Innovative solutions

Take a closer look at POC devices and stop worrying. We use only optimal and safe solutions to meet your expectations. Want to learn more details? We will gladly  answer all your questions.


Automatic atomizer – Built-in pump dispenses fluid with pressure, so there is no dripping from the dispenser and the floor around the station stays clean.

Efficient – POC is equipped with tanks from 1.3 to 5 litres that allow up to 5,000 sprays. Our device requires less frequent filling thanusual for hand disinfection.

Modern and refined –  A wide variety of designs and configurations (color, logo) possible to customize for all types of interiors.

Installation and power supply – Permanent or mobile installation. Supply possibility with a 220V network or with a built-in battery.

Body temperature measurement sensor
LCD screen 27″
Automatic disinfectant-spraying atomizer
Liquid storage compartment
Fixing anchors
Stainless steel case