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Vending machines

Vending machines in innovative Pay per Use model

In cooperation with DELCO, supplier of vending machines (snacks and drinks), we introduced a pay-per-use subscription model. Now, instead of buying the vending machine, the DELCO’s customers pay only when the machines generate revenue – so, only when someone buys a snack! Kodi Tech systems count the number of transactions and issue a monthly VAT invoice based on it.

Kodi Tech created a dedicated e-commerce platform, connected to the supplier’s website, called Not-a-store *, where a customer can select an item directly from the DELCO’s website and receive an automatic subscription contract. Next, the selected vending machine is delivered to the place chosen by the customer.

Thanks to the cooperation with Kodi Tech, DELCO has gained a completely new sales platform (e-commerce) and a unique sales model ideally suited to the difficult pandemic reality, allowing to reach a new group of recipients.

* We call it Not-a-Store because you can’t buy anything in it, but only rent the products. We have already used this solution in RentUP company and now we can create it for every supplier just in a few minutes!

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